Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

The exterior of a building requires first modern insulation and then suitable plasterwork. The right choice of material makes many things possible: a modern new construction might want to accentuate the concrete look by applying fine plaster, on the other hand, a listed building may need a mineral material. We will find the right materials for your project. Paint may be used to emphasize color, a special design using color and/or texture may give the building an individual character. Additionally, the application of natural stones, clinker facades, or prefabricated panels of the latest technologies gives every building its unique appearance.

Maybe you have just purchased a property and so now you look for a special design? Or maybe your house simply needs a new coat of paint.

A regularly renewed exterior plaster protects the walls from weathering. There are many ways to color design and to give texture. Exterior molding may turn your house into an elegant style and give your own style, you may also replace damaged parts in historic buildings.

After the remodeling of the façade, your property shines in new splendor and definitely increases in value. We’ll show you creative ways to redesign your building using the best materials and consider the latest trends all tailored to your budget.

Facade cleaning and Architectural surfaces

Besides the influence of the sun, wind, rain, and especially particulate matter and pollution add to the weathering and deterioration of a building’s surfaces. Again and again, graffiti and other soiling cause problems. We clean professionally and thoroughly.

There are many interesting and beautiful design choices available today. From exterior to interior, wall cladding systems to elevator interiors and graphic light panels, it’s all available from our experienced partners. Contact us for more information and inspiration.


Of course, we shall provide the necessary scaffolding to clean, paint, or insulate your facade.